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Push care Wrist Brace

Push care Wrist Brace

The Push care Wrist Brace provides pressure around the wrist joint, thus improving its stability. This pressure can be adjusted as and when the need arises. The wrist joint is not immobilised, thus retaining the functionality of the hand. The palm of the hand is kept free, ensuring that a good grasp is maintained. There is a so-called comfort zone made from padded material around the ulnar area of the wrist.

Sympress™ Technology
The brace is made of Sympress™, a high-quality comfortable material. The use of microfibres makes the inside feel soft and keeps the skin dry. The Push care Wrist Brace is easy to apply and can be washed without any problem.

Push care Wrist Brace
Push care Wrist Brace


Residual instability
Moderate to serious distortions
Strain complaintsin the wrist joint
Therapy resistant strain complaints to the wrist extensors
Tendinitis to the wrist extensors
Wrist fractures without dislocations
After-care for wrist fractures
Arthrosis with distension

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