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About Us

About Nea International bv

NEA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ofa Bamberg GmbH, involved in the area of orthopedic braces under the brands of Push® Braces and Push® sports braces.  Push® has offered hand-made braces that have scientific roots in functional support with a keen attention to comfort and lifestyle freedom, for almost 3 decades.  Their dedication to innovation is evident in products such as the Ortho Thumb Brace CMC, which has set a therapy standard for CMC joint osteoarthritis.

is synonymous with moving freely, just like people want to move. And that is a lot easier than you might think. It’s merely a matter of choosing the right medical aid. A good brace helps. By wearing a brace, you can increase the loading capacity of your joints, which in turn will increase their mobility. As well as their freedom of movement. You will rediscover your capabilities and forget your limitations. A pleasure for anyone who lives life to the full and wants to see more of the world.

Freedom of movement is a challenge faced daily by Push. What moves us? Call it the Push for freedom! And we really push it. We are constantly pushing boundaries in order to increase the ability of the locomotor apparatus to function under stress. Together with medical professionals and scientists, we are developing solutions, which will contribute to the quality of life. Of course, each brace undergoes extensive testing.

In our opinion, freedom of movement starts with comfort and ease. This means that users can depend on a brace, which they can put on easily, fits like a glove and guarantees maximum support. New materials ensure effectiveness and durability. Acting as an extension to the body, a brace allows physical activity to be a pleasure once more. Appearance is just as important, so Push has also paid particular attention to the design of the brace. With its attractive design, freedom of movement is there to be seen as an extra incentive to greater mobility and an active life.

About kemya healthcare

Kemya Healthcare is a distributor of medical devices, licensed by the UAE's Ministry of Health and partnered with several high growth international manufacturers. The company was established based on the philosophy that it is important to standout by presenting oneself as the provider of innovative therapies and growing our business within multiple highly promising niche markets.  This ideology found one of its manifestations in Push Braces in 2015 which set the course to becoming part of the Push family by the year's end.


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