• How to know your size?

    Use the diagram on the right by hovering over the body joint to show you where to take your measure.

    After measuring, use the below size chart to know your size.


    Execution: Left and Right

    Size Circumference
    1 27 - 31
    2 31 - 34
    3 34 - 40



  • Care Instructions

    • Before washing, close the Velcro to protect the brace and other laundry.


    • The brace can be washed at temperatures up to 30°C, on a delicate fabrics cycle or by hand. Do not use any bleaching agents.


    • A gentle spin-dry cycle can be used: after this, hang the brace up to dry in the open air (not near a heating source or in a tumble drier).


    • To extend the brace’s service life, it should be dried after use, if necessary, before being stored.

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